KP Therapy

Our Treatment Services

Conditions treated

We treat a range of conditions in KP Therapy and our approach is often described as novel, thorough and effective by our customers. 

Back pain or changes in sensation


Shoulder pain

TMJ problems or clicking jaw

Knee pain

Hip Pain


Trapped nerve

Ankle injury

Neck pain


Chronic pain


Neuromuscular Therapy Cork

Service list

Please contact us if you have any questions. Your appointments can be booked here on our website, by email, by text or call us on 066 7169015.

Neuromuscular therapy (50 / 80 min)

Pain & injury treatment (50 min)

Massage (30 / 50 / 80 min)

Pregnancy massage (30 / 50 / 80 min)

Neuromuscular massage therapy (80 min)

Pilates (30 / 50 min)

Group classes (50 min)

One to one PT (30 / 50 min)

Neuromuscular NCT (50 min)

Rehabilitation (30 / 50 min)

Breathwork (30 min)

Event Massage (On request)

Treatment modalities

For those who’d like to delve deeper into the KP Therapy approach, we will attempt to display the treatment modalities we have to choose from. Our team has both the unique skillset and combined experience of over 20 years in clinical practice to tailor your treatment to your goals.

Neuromuscular techniques

Soft tissue release

Myofascial release



Lymphatic drainage

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Myofascial trigger point dry needling




We offer service combinations that can be used mid-week, over a weekend or as part of a day break. These can be any combination of our 30, 50 or 80 minute treatments or classes. 

Book 4 sessions and get 40 euro off, get 30 euro off with 3 sessions or enjoy 20 euro off if you book 2 sessions.

With the days now getting a bit cooler, be our guest and take time to enjoy the Brandon leisure centre’s thermal suite consistiong of cool & warm showers, hydrotherapy pool, jacuzzi, steam room & sauna in conjunction with your treatment for the perfect wellness experience.



Medical referral

KP Therapy regularly facilitate GP referral for everything from sciatica during pregnancy to back pain. We also work with dentists regarding TMJ dysfunction and jaw pain. All our staff are registered with multiple professional bodies and are fully qualified and insured. This not only facilitates insurance reimbursement in line with patient’s policies but assures the referring practitioner that our therapists follow a code of ethics, maintains professional standards and has a scope of practice. The clinic is also managed by Kevin Prunty MSc NMT who is one of very few therapist in Ireland who holds a higher degree in neuromuscular therapy and can consult on more advanced applications of NMT.

The Association of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapists (ANMT) are the professional body in Ireland representing NMT and massage therapists. Other relevant professional bodies include the SMA, CNHC, ROSTI, Reps Ireland and Active Ireland.

Brandon hotel gym floor Tralee Kerry

Brandon leisure club exercise referral

The highly qualified health fitness team in the Brandon leisure club also facilitate exercise rehabilitation, pilates classes, personal training and lifestyle consultations. KP therapy often refers patients to the brilliantly equipped gym and group classes on offer. Customers of KP Therapy can avail of a rehabilitation rate for short term membership or PAYG use of the gym as our guest for a limited time post treatment. Social interaction and gym partnering or even personal training are highly effective motivators in facilitating your rehabilitation.

Brandon leisure club thermal suite

Contrast hydrotherapy is a fantastic modality for many patients and the brilliant facilities in Brandon leisure club can be availed of on the day of your appointment in KP Therapy at no extra charge. The facilities include a spa pool, sauna, steam room, hot & cold showers and a heated hydrotherapy pool.

KP Therapy 1:5:1 Contrast hydrotherapy recommendation;
Cold Shower (1min)/ Spa pool (5min)/ Cold shower (1 min)/ Steam Room (5min)/ Cold shower (1min)/ Sauna (5min)/ Cold Shower (1min) or massage or movement class to finish.

Event / onsite massage & first aid services

Event first aid, tapping & strapping, event or on site massage, workshops, talks and presentations are also available. Kevin volunteered for the civil defence from an early age and was the Monaghan United F.C. club therapist for 6 years. As a result of this and providing on site services for various walk/runs, Triathlons, Ironman competitions, small group workshops or corporate wellness events over the years, Kevin has vast on site experience.

On Request