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Neuromuscular Therapy Cork

Neuromuscular Therapy

European neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is the combination of soft tissue European style osteopathic approaches, and a precise and thorough application of American style neuromuscular massage techniques. The American style is a step by step protocol that precisely and thoroughly addresses all accessible muscles in a given area. Whereas the European approach addresses only the areas that a skilled assessment deems warranted, and has the flexibility to address multiple areas across the entire body in a session. 


Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy utilises Swedish massage techniques and modern soft tissue release (STR) guided by an awareness of injury scenarios and muscle imbalance. It can be applied as a “back, neck and shoulders” or “full body” or “deep tissue massage” treatment.


Medical Exercise & Pilates

This approach focuses on mobility, balance and awareness. it is applied in various stages of gait and other movement patterns including the breathing cycle. Improvements in neuromuscular efficiency,  that become unconscious and fearless is the primary goal. Regular movement is essential to long term treatment success.

Pregnancy Massage Tralee

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting time that can be accompanied with aches and pains as your body changes throughout. Many of these adaptations, while functional can become addition stresses to you and our goal at KP Therapy is to minimise those stresses. As anti-inflamatory medication is often contra-indicated during pregnancy many referrals are taken for the treatment sciatic type pain, back pain or neck pain. In many cases these are symptoms of muscular adaptation and can be greatly relieved with the right intervention.

Recovery Room Tralee

Recovery Room

Guided joint mobilisation, pulse raiser, rolling, mobility WOD & breath work to help lower sympathetic tone and promote parasympathetics. Sleep and respiratory efficiency are paramount in maintaining physiological balance and optimising recovery.
Afterwards avail of contrast hydrotherapy;
KP recommendation;
Cold Shower (1min)/ Spa pool (5min)/ Cold shower (1 min)/ Steam Room (5min)/ Cold shower (1min)/ Sauna (5min)/ Cold Shower (1min)

Myofascial Cupping & Release (MFR)

Cupping has been extremely popular lately due to its us in the recent Olympic games. At KP therapy, the cups won’t be attached in the same spot for an extended period. Oil / balm is first applied to the skin to lubricant the area after-which the cups are attached and moved along the body. The red bruising that can occur is the rupturing of small capillary vessels that regrow. To minimise this, gradual and minimal amounts of force are used in the attachment of the cups to the skin and again they are not left on anyone area for very long. where cupping is inappropriate, manual skin rolling and myofascial release (MFR) techniques are employed. These techniques are effective in encouraging glide in the superficial tissues of the body.

(Stand alone treatment or optional extra service)

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Mtrp dry needling is applied with fine, filiform needles. One of the commonalities between European Neuromuscular therapy, its American Version and sports massage therapy are trigger points. These myofascial entities have been shown to be an integral part of many painful conditions. Manual therapy methods are effective in the treatment of these entities. However, the use of a needling can be more efficient. This treatment can be used in conjunction with others or as a stand alone therapy relying on European Neuromuscular technique (NMTq) in the assessment process and for the identification of trigger points.

(Stand alone treatment or optional extra service)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

This treatment method that uses micro amperage current, frequencies and the principles of biological resonance. Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) is an exciting method for treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions. The frequency specific effect is remarkable and reproducable.

(Stand alone treatment or optional extra service)

 Taping & Strapping

Athletic Taping and strapping is useful for the preparation and treatment of common injury sites. It can be applied in the early stages of injury or to aid the return to sport. Taping for proprioceptive and lymphatic purposes is also available. At KP Therapy we utilise zinc oxide tape, heavy elastic adhesive taping and kinesio/rock/vivo tape where appropriate and beneficial.

Optional Extra Service

Event / Onsite Services

Event first aid, tapping & strapping, event or on site massage, workshops, talks and presentations are also available. Kevin volunteered for the civil defence from an early age and was the Monaghan United F.C. club therapist for 6 years. As a result of this and providing on site services for various walk/runs, Triathlons, Ironman competitions, small group workshops or corporate wellness events over the years, Kevin has vast on site experience.

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